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Hulk Contact Lenses 09.147

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Hulk Contact Lenses  09.147

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SKU: 09.147

Bring out your inner brute with Loox Hulk Contact Lenses. These opaque green lenses have veins running through, for a seriously frightening effect. Watch out, World!

Theatrical Contact Lenses cover a wide spectrum of themes and are extremely popular all year round for parties, festivals, costume events and comic conventions. Once opened, they can be used for up to 90 days.

Caution! Federal Law Requires this device to be used with guidance of a qualifed eye care professional Follow the replacement schedule.recommended by youre eye care professional. Do not use if container is dameaged or the seal is broken.

We manufacture our high quality lenses using “Color Lock Technology” which encapsulates color within lens material for safe and comfortable wear. Loox lenses are fully compliant with US FDA and Health Canada requirements for the manufacture, storage and distribution of contact lenses. Camden’s quality management system is ISO 13485 certified. We hold MDSAP certification – one of the most stringent medical device manufacturing standards recognized internationally.

Exp. 2027 07 . 19

Usage : 90 Days / jours