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le labo baie rose 26 parfum 3.4oz unixes - alwaysspecialgifts.com
le labo baie rose 26 parfum 3.4oz unixes - alwaysspecialgifts.com

BAIE ROSE 26 perfume 3.4oz , 100ml, Le Labo spray (unboxed)

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Unboxed items are a great way to save! They are the same as the boxed version, always original, fresh and authentic. Why are they unboxed? Sometimes boxes can be damaged in transit, torn, or in less than perfect condition. We can buy these items cheaper than the boxed versions and we pass the savings on to you. Be sure to take advantage of great unboxed deals!  

The main story behind this fragrance refers to music, jazz music in particular. There is a direct correlation between the sharp pepper and some of the more upbeat sounds of jaz: the soft back representing the simpler, soothing side of the music.

Either way, the uplifting effect of the music seems to carry you away; the same way the music of the spices (aldehyde and musk playing along with the pink pepper) brings your spirit away. In pure Le Labo style, our Chicago exclusive scent reinvents pink pepper (baie rose in French) to knock you off with straight elegance, an endless wake and a unique signature. Pink pepper is reinforced with clove, winking left and right to some cedar and aldehyde, while walking up the aisle to get married to the eternal rose absolute from Grasse. The result sits on musks and ambrox. It is pure refinement, personality and memorability.