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BERGAMOTE 22 perfume 3.4oz Le Labo spray (unboxed)

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Le Labo BERGAMOTE 22 perfume 3.4oz (unboxed)  unisex

Unboxed items are a great way to save! They are the same as the boxed version, always original, fresh and authentic. Why are they unboxed? Sometimes boxes can be damaged in transit, torn, or in less than perfect condition. We can buy these items cheaper than the boxed versions and we pass the savings on to you. Be sure to take advantage of great unboxed deals!  

This dazzling bergamot combines freshness, sweetness and sensuality with acrobatic talent. All these qualities were encompassed in the perfume’s initial code name: “Fire Cologne”.

It’s the delicate floral character of petit grain, the bitterness of grapefruit, as well as the flamboyant sweetness of amber and musk with a viril touch of vetiver, which gives Bergamote 22 its unique personality…