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TUBEREUSE 40 perfume 1.7oz 50ml. Le Labo spray (unboxed)

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TUBEREUSE 40 perfume 1.7oz 50ml. Le Labo spray (unboxed) city exclusive new york

Unboxed items are a great way to save! They are the same as the boxed version, always original, fresh and authentic. Why are they unboxed? Sometimes boxes can be damaged in transit, torn, or in less than perfect condition. We can buy these items cheaper than the boxed versions and we pass the savings on to you. Be sure to take advantage of great unboxed deals!  


Tubereuse 40, like most of our scents, barely deserves its name.

It is of course full of tuberose (absolute and nothing less) but what hits you from the start is a wave of bergamot, tangerine, and orange flower that yields that surprising “eau de cologne” effect (despite its concentration of 30% which transforms this perfume into an extract). The first pschitt is hence pure well being. Tubereuse 40 then slowly develops to the woody/floral heart that gives its unique character and comfort. You smell the white florals where the tuberose finally has its say and the woods (cedar and sandalwood) sing along with oak moss, musks and ambrette absolute to rock you into a state of intensity, pureness and bliss. Tubereuse 40 is only available in our New York boutique